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We Will Guide You on the Path to Being a F45 Studio Owner Today

Why F45 Studios

There are likely several reasons why you chose to represent one of the top fitness brands in the world:

  • They are the leanest, most cost-effective fitness franchise on the planet.

  • Their studios have proven to meet break-even within 2 months 

  • They have a payback of fewer than 9 months. 


Nothing is ever said about the onboarding process--what it takes to actually get the doors open to even realize that ROI. Green Light Consultants LLC is the path to realizing your ROI quicker. How?

  • Experience

  • Success through failure

  • Persistence

Start Up Packages

Whatever stage you are in opening your new studio, we can get you on the pathway to a quick ROI.  Click on the button to discover what package works best for you.

With four years of F45 owner experience and multiple operating studios, we know what it takes to navigate the F45 “Launch Pathway” fast! Regardless if you are a new franchisee just starting the onboarding process or spinning your wheels on whatever stage you might be at in that process Green Light Consultants LLC can help.

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